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Exploring new Accord programs

Signatories are exploring health and safety programs in major garment-producing countries.

Feasibility studies
Potential for expansion

The Secretariat conducted brand surveys, desk research, and in-depth interviews between October 2021- January 2022 to measure interest, presence, and volume of signatory brands in key garment-producing countries. Based on key findings, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and India emerged as the priority countries to carry out detailed feasibility studies on expansion. The Secretariat met with key industry, government, trade unions, brands, and civil society stakeholders in the priority countries in March-August 2022 for in-depth stakeholder consultations. Based on strong interest from stakeholders, the Steering Committee agreed to conduct pilot inspections in Pakistan as a preliminary step before starting a country program there. In December 2022 the Accord Steering Committee agreed to start a new workplace safety program in Pakistan. The Accord will continue dialogue with stakeholders in Sri Lanka, Morocco, and India to assess the feasibility of establishing other workplace programs in the coming years.

Criteria to assess feasibility

The expansion of the International Accord’s health and safety programs to at least one of the four priority countries—Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and India—will be based on the following criteria: 

  1. Scope of safety risks and potential impact
  2. Interest of brands and trade unions
  3. The presence and volume of signatory brands in the country
  4. Gaps in existing safety regulation
  5. Support from key local stakeholders
  6. Opportunities for cooperation and capacity building
  7. Costs associated with program implementation  


Pakistan Accord Agreement

Explore the basis of the programs, procedures, and policies under the Pakistan Accord.

Country Reports

Discover the reports of the main garment-producing countries in consideration for new Accord programs.  

Brand survey results

View the key takeaways from brand surveys conducted to gauge the interest of Accord signatories sourcing from major garment-producing countries.


Updates on expansion

First Supplier List for Pakistan Accord Signatories

The Accord Secretariat has published the first list of suppliers covered under the Pakistan Accord comprising information on over 400 factories supplying 52 Pakistan Accord signatory brands.

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Report of the Accord pilot safety assessments in Pakistan

The pilot safety assessments were initiated in September 2022 to inform the Accord's ongoing feasibility studies and establish an effective safety inspection and remediation program in Pakistan.

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International Accord at the Global Fashion Summit 2023 in Copenhagen

The Global Fashion Summit organised by the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), was held from 27-28 June at the Copenhagen Concert Hall in Denmark.

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