Safety Training

A safety training program focused on identifying and responding to safety risks

Safety Training overview

Introductory meeting

A dedicated safety trainer meets factory management and worker representatives to introduce the training program and schedule the sessions.

8-module training curriculum

The curriculum aims to ensure all Safety Committee members have the knowledge on safety hazards and monitoring systems as well as the experience in joint problem solving and communications to play a key role in monitoring and improving workplace safety.

3 All Employee Meetings

All employees on site participate in 3 meetings to discuss the Safety Committee’s role, addressing common safety hazards, safe evacuation in case of fire, and how to raise safety concerns with confidence.

Ongoing support

The dedicated trainer remains a point of contact for the Safety Committee to seek support if needed when carrying out their duties in safety monitoring and improvement.

Safety Committees and safety training

Role of Safety Committees

Safety training is implemented by the RSC at all Accord-covered factories in Bangladesh. In other countries, the Accord will adapt this training program to meet the needs of factories in that industry.Effective Safety Committees at Accord-covered factories ensure workplace safety by:

  • Conducting factory walk-throughs to identify safety hazards
  • Responding to workers’ health and safety complaints
  • Actively communicating about safety and health issues to workers
  • Reviewing company accident reports learning how such accidents can be prevented
  • Meeting regularly, at least once every three months

8-session trainingcurriculum

Across 8 modules each lasting around 4 hours, Safety Committees at Accord factories are trained on:

  • The Safety Committee’s role in monitoring factory remediation
  • Identifying safety hazards
  • Handling health and safety complaints
  • Protecting workers’ right to freedom of association in relation to protecting their own safety
  • Conducting factory walk-throughs to identify actual or potential safety hazards e.g. inadequate use of machines, obstacles on the work floor, or poor ventilation and lighting
  • Reporting & monitoring remediation of safety issues.
  • Joint problem-solving

All Employee Meetings (AEMs)

Main features of AEMs

During All Employee Meetings, factory production is halted and a presentation is given to every worker and member of management on site.

After members of the Safety Committee are introduced to the workforce, they share information on: 

  • Identifying and reducing common safety hazards
  • Safely evacuating the factory in case of fire or other emergencies
  • Using the Accord Complaints Mechanism

At the end of each meeting, the workers receive a booklet with all the presented information.



Ongoing support

A dedicated trainer remains a point of contact for the Safety Committee members to reach out and seek any necessary support while carrying out their duties in monitoring and improving safety at Accord-covered factories.

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