How to join

4 simple steps to becoming an Accord signatory

Join 190+ brands making workplace safety a priority in the garment & textile industry.

What to expect

Here’s how you can become our next signatory and contribute to safer workplaces:


Read the International Accord agreement to know more about the programs and your commitments as a signatory.


Get in touch with the International Accord Secretariat to arrange an introductory call.


Once you decide to become a signatory, arrange the submission of the signed agreement with the Secretariat.


After you sign and submit the agreement, the Secretariat will brief you on the implementation and procedures of the Accord programs.


Read the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry to discover the basis of all Accord programs and your commitments as a signatory. Also, explore our public reports and know how the Accord works.

2021 International Accord (Download PDF)

Want to discuss the possibility of participating in Accord programs or have queries about your role as a signatory? Reach out to the Secretariat and arrange an introductory meeting. We explain the benefits and steps of becoming an Accord signatory.

Contact us →

After your company decides to join, contact us to receive the pre-signed version of the International Accord agreement, sign, and date the final page, and submit the signed version to the Secretariat.


Once you’ve submitted the signed agreement, the Secretariat will conduct an onboarding session to brief you on how the Accord works. We will also explain the Secretariat’s role in supporting you.

After you sign the agreement:

  • Disclose your yearly volume from factories in Bangladesh and Pakistan
  • Provide your company logo for listing as a signatory on our website
  • Disclose your factory list
Rebecka Sancho,G-Star Raw

Agreements such as the International Accord are critical to be able to truly protect the health and safety of the people in our supply chain. We are therefore fully committed to the agreement and will continue to support the further international expansion of the Accord.

Resources for potential signatories

2021 International Accord 

Explore the International Accord Agreement of 2021 to know more about the principles, procedures, and policies that form the legal basis of Accord implementation.

Download PDF file
Guide for potential and new signatories

Interested in becoming a signatory? Explore the PPT to learn more about the Accord programs and what it means to become a signatory.

Download PPT file
2023 Pakistan Accord

The Pakistan Accord on Health & Safety in the Textile & Garment Industry came into effect on 1st January 2023 and contains signatory commitments to ensure workplace safety in Pakistan by their suppliers participating in Accord programs.

Download PDF file
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