Meet the Accord Secretariat

The International Accord Secretariat based in Amsterdam is responsible for implementing the Accord agreements and supporting signatories to fulfill their commitments.

Adelia Arista

Remediation Data Analyst

Adelia joined the International Accord in November 2021 as the Remediation Data Analyst after graduating with a BSc in Political Science. In her role, she manages, processes and analyses remediation data for internal accountability, reporting, and for the implementation of Accord policies and protocols.

Clara Kamphorst

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Clara joined the International Accord in July 2023 where she shapes and executes the organisation’s engagement policy with key stakeholders for the International Accord and the Pakistan Accord. Her role revolves around fostering effective dialogue with a diverse array of stakeholders, such as suppliers, governments, industry associations, international organisations, NGOs, MSIs, and trade unions. With 5 years of experience in non-profits within the garment sector, Clara's background includes working with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and the Bangladesh Accord.

Danny van Opmeer

Management Accountant

Danny joined the Accord as Management Accountant in December 2013 and is responsible for financial accounting and reporting, budgeting, and payroll accounting. Danny makes sure the Accord is financially in control and complies to accounting and auditing regulations.He started his career in auditing before switching his focus to accounting for not-for-profit organisations.

Joris Oldenziel

Executive Director

Joris Oldenziel is the Executive Director of the International Accord since October 2021. He joined the predecessor of the International Accord, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, in 2014 as Head of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement and became Deputy Director in 2017. In June 2020, he managed the transition of the Accord to the newly established RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) in Bangladesh, as its Interim Managing Director. Joris has a background in corporate responsibility and accountability and has co-founded the global civil society network OECD Watch. Apart from his role at the International Accord, he is one of the four independent members of the Netherlands National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Koen Oosterom

Head of Signatory Engagement

Koen started working for the International Accord in February 2022. His experience includes over ten years at the United Nations in Geneva and Hanoi and seven years at Fair Wear Foundation, which provided Koen with a deep understanding of safe working conditions in garment supply chains in Asia. In his role, Koen supports the signatories to understand and meet their obligations under the Accord agreement.

Lee Mitchell

Office Coordinator

Lee joined the International Accord in February 2023, returning after a break of 18 months in voluntary work. She handles the day-to-day administration of signatory engagement and of the office in general. After many years in multinational banking- and business corporations, Lee moved to the not-for-profit sector to support the Accord’s mission of ensuring workplace safety. 

Mini Dixit

Communications Advisor

Mini joined the International Accord in 2022. She increases awareness about the International Accord programs among diverse stakeholder groups in key garment-producing countries. Passionate about using communications as a powerful tool for societal change, Mini comes with 7+ years of experience in public relations and a specialisation in sustainability and journalism.

Solène Técourt

Program Officer for Accountability

Solène has been the Program Officer for Accountability at the International Accord since November 2021. Her role is to ensure that signatories carry out their obligations under the Accord. Passionate about law and human rights, she holds an LL.B. in Global Law, an LL.M. in Public International Law and has experience working in international organisations.

Véronique Camerer

Head of Policy and Accountability

Veronique is responsible for policy development on matters ranging from governance to program implementation at the Accord. She is also responsible for monitoring the performance of Accord obligations across all company signatories to ensure completion of remediation across all Accord-covered factories.

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