Supplier Briefings – Pakistan Accord

Are you a factory listed by one of the signatory companies that have signed the Pakistan Accord? Explore the supplier briefings to stay updated on the various aspects of the Pakistan Accord including updates on the brands that are participating in the Pakistan Accord, the Pakistan Accord Building Standard, upcoming inspections, and preparation guidelines among others.

Are you a listed Pakistan Accord supplier and have any additional suggestions on what you would like to see in these briefings?

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11 years since the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh

The Accord commemorates 11 years since the Rana Plaza collapse by remembering those who perished, those who were injured, and those who continue living with the impacts of one of the worst workplace disasters in modern history.

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Start of capacity building program for Pakistan Accord engineers

The capacity-building program for recently hired engineers under the Pakistan Accord has officially commenced.

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Brand-Supplier meetings in Pakistan highlight collaboration opportunities on workplace health and safety

A series of recent brand-supplier meetings in Lahore and Karachi brought together Pakistan Accord signatory brands and their suppliers for discussions on enhancing occupational health and safety in the textile and garment industry.

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